mandag 13. desember 2010

Best practice baby care rooms at Harrods, Landvetter and Heathrow Airport

Product name: Not a product in itself, but three good examples of commercial establishments with a great understanding of young families’ needs (,,

What is it?Harrods (London’s most famous department store), Landvetter Airport in Sweden and Heathrow Airport in London all have very helpful baby care rooms catering for the needs of young parents on the move, ensuring that they stay longer and spend more money by providing facilities not only for nappy changing, but for feeding, play and relaxation as well. They are all different, with the ‘best practice’ feature being (a) bottle warmer and vending machines with nappies at Harrods, (b) a really comfortable armchair perfect for breastfeeding at Landvetter and (c) a clever little barrier blocking the baby from falling off the changing table and thereby freeing up at least one hand for the parent at Heathrow
Why did it catch my attention?Travelling and shopping alone with a baby is very tiring and finding good changing and feeding facilities often an issue. I was therefore very happily surprised to find the baby care rooms in these three establishments
How old was my baby when I bought it?This is a question of using facilities, not buying anything and they are useful for parents as soon as you feel energized enough to venture out on the roads with your little one
What value does it add for us?They are all shielded places allowing parent and baby to relax from some of the stress and too many impressions that tend to be part of being in very crowded places alone with a baby
What does it replace?Feeding and changing in dodgy toilets or airport benches or not getting a chance to sit down and rest at all
How did my baby respond to it?He finds these places very relaxing, and in particular when overstimulated he tends to wind down if we sit down and play a little bit with some of his favourite toys in one of these shielded rooms before we venture out to all (for him) new impressions again
How much does it cost?Access is free to all of them (provided you have a boarding card for the airport ones)
Can I see any drawbacks?There are too few of them

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