torsdag 2. desember 2010

Teething and weaning device in one!

Product name: Sassy Teething feeder (Sassy Teething Feeder, Colors May Vary)


What is it?It’s a teething ring that you can fill with frozen foods to help your baby with teething.  You can also fill it with fresh foods to give your baby a taste for solids while reducing the fear of them choking
Why did it catch my attention?I saw it at the baby store while in the US
How old was my baby when I bought it?5 months and will probably use it in the next few weeks
What value does it add for us?a) The unique 'chill' feature in the Teething Feeder handle allows the baby to hold the feeder without getting their hands cold
b) The convenient storage cap help keep foods fresh while traveling with baby
c) Great way to give baby whole, fresh, age appropriate foods, while reducing the risk of choking
What does it replace?It replaces other teething rings but this one will have the taste of real food 
How did my baby respond to it?She liked it but its good to put a bib on your little one because she tended to put the feeder on her clothes
How much does it cost?I bought for $7 in the US, but you can buy it on Ebay here in the UK
Can I see any drawbacks?It can be a bit messy and depending on the food you put in teething feeder it could possibly stain fabrics and clothing

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