torsdag 28. oktober 2010

Blockers to protect baby from rolling over

Product name: The First Years Nature Sensations Sleep Positioner (

What is it?Two coloured ‘blockers’ that attach to each other with a piece of Velcro and that are designed to prevent your baby from rolling over when sleeping. I have not used it for the original purpose, but to keep my baby in place when laying down in places where I am worried he will roll off, for example the sofa and the changing table
Why did it catch my attention?This was something we bought in the very early days without very much thought else than that it looked like a great idea
How old was my baby when I bought it?A few days, but he manufacturer recommends this product from 0-6 months
What value does it add for us?Gives mummy piece of mind with a wriggling baby on the changing table and other places he might fall off, and keeps my baby entertained as he loves the coloured caterpillars on the sides
What does it replace?Worrying about the baby rolling over and hurting himself
How did my baby respond to it?At first, we did not get very much of a response, but at 3 months he got interested in the coloured caterpillars and tries to grab and talk to them
How much does it cost?£10 on Amazon UK
Can I see any drawbacks?As the baby gets heavier (my son is around 8,5 kg now) the ‘blockers’ become less efficient – the 6 month age limit is probably more a question of expected weight and rolling skills than age

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