søndag 24. oktober 2010

Simple and very much appreciated entertainment for young babies who love black & white shapes

Product name: Social Baby Black & White mobile (http://www.socialbaby.com/)

What is it?Very simple black & white shapes made by cardboard that you assemble and attach above your baby’s head (for example in the cot) to keep him entertained. It comes with a box that makes it really easy to bring along when travelling
Why did it catch my attention?When my son reached the age where he spent longer periods awake but before he was old enough to enjoy the Fisher Price playmat that his grandmother had bought for him, I needed something to keep him entertained in situations where I needed to lay him down somewhere while doing ‘grown up stuff’
How old was my baby when I bought it?1 month
What value does it add for us?a) For him it is a great source of entertainment – he can spend hours laughing and kicking about while watching it
b) It is easy to bring along when travelling, and I find it handy to attach some of the individual shapes (as opposed to the whole mobile) in places like the car seat and the buggy to make them more interesting places to be
What does it replace?-
How did my baby respond to it?He absolutely loved them from the first time he saw them – burst out in one of his first belly laughs and kicked around for hours! J
How much does it cost?Around £10 including 4 books with black & white shapes
Can I see any drawbacks?It easily falls apart if frequently assembled and disassembled. I bought an extra one when we had used ours for 3-4 weeks

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