fredag 22. oktober 2010

Flying made easy with PramPack

Product name: PramPack  (
What is it?A wheeled bag made of a thick, polyester-like material designed to make it easier to bring your buggy along when flying. Invented in a country where 60% of all domestic travel is done by air
Why did it catch my attention?We were going on a charter holiday to Spain and needed a way to bring our relatively clumsy Mylo buggy along without breaking, having heard some horror stories about how baggage handlers have treated some of our friends’ buggies
How old was my baby when I bought it?3 months (but our holiday was the trigger, not his age)
What value does it add for us?The PramPack transforms a very clumsy object into an additional rollable suitcase, and had so much extra space in it that we even sneaked in some extra stuff like the bottle steamer (but don’t tell the airline, as buggies don’t count as a part of the baggage allowance). It also kept our buggy intact and undamaged during the 4 hour flight
What does it replace?In our case it would have been bringing the buggy (with baby) all the way to the gate and have the flight attendants fold and store it away somewhere in the cabin, but more importantly most likely experiencing some damage to the buggy when unpacking it in Spain
How did my baby respond to it?He is completely unaware of its existence, but the parents are very happy!
How much does it cost?I paid SEK 1600, but I believe that the price varies from market to market
Can I see any drawbacks?It adds an additional piece of luggage for you to handle when checking in and you need to wait for the special luggage (often unloaded last of all luggage) upon arrival

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  1. Takk for en veldig hyggelig mail!

    PramPack har faktisk svært nylig blitt kjøpt opp av Stokke AS (
    Det vil si at PramPack kommer veldig snart til å selges i både England og mange andre land utenfor Skandinavia, ettersom Stokke allerede har et stort salgsnettverk i hele verden.

    Igjen, tusen takk for et veldig positivt blogginnlegg og lykke til videre med PramPacken din på reise!

    Audun Ueland